Louvre 3-layer 1 strip Engineered Parquet

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Point of installation-The special requirement for geothermic
If newly installed, geothermic should turn on for three weeks under normal state to ensure the drop away of the moisture, and nanyang floor should be fixed within 48 hours after geothermic turns off.
The multi-layer solid wood floor can only be installed in the way of director fitting under the geothermiccircumstances, namely, dampproof-l-floor.
Holing and thumping is forbidden on geothermic floor to prevent the damage of heating pipes.
A thin layer of plastic should be laid (meeting parts should overlap by lO0mm and be sealed by transparent adhesive plastic to prevent moisture infiltration) before the fixing for the dispersing of moisture from the floor-foot line.
The floor-foot line in geothermic floor fitting is thicker than the ordinary floor and needs a construction separated from fitting. The floor-foot line is laid 48 hours later after floor paving.
To geothermic floor, the upside gives out heat. Therefore the fixed or non-leg furniture is not advisable for it will affect the circulating of hot air resulting in poor heating performance.
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